Innovation meets experience

The essence of IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions is defined by the will of all employees. Through intelligent engineering, sustainable products, and customer-centered services we increase profitability for our customers while simultaneously preserving our environment.

That is why our customers trust us

  • 1. Capable and comprehensible

    We know how important a clear and comprehensible explanation of our services is – even in the very first stages of preparing an offer. We don’t hide any expenses in specialist terms and communicate clearly and proficiently.

  • 2. Innovative and efficient

    Because we know how crucial efficient and economical apparatuses are in the everyday plant operations of our customers, we include modern and innovative technology in our products.

  • 3. Transparency and candor

    We believe that a transparent communication that quickly answers pending questions settles any doubts, makes for solutions, and contributes to a good relationship and an even better cooperation.

  • 4. Large network

    Due to our integration in the ZILONIS corporate group we can access a large, technologically conscious and innovative network of suppliers and logistics operations. Our customers profit from this as well.

  • 5. Ecological footprint

    Our internal guiding principle demands and promotes the application of modern technology, which minimizes the ecological footprint in our and our customers’ companies.

  • 6. Research and funding

    With this in mind we engage in current research projects. We embed these sustainable experiences in our current projects, by which means one can operate our products more efficiently and economically.