Safety and quality

Every product manufactured in the food industry is subject to the highest quality and hygiene standards, as well as new energy standards. Various external influences require corresponding adjustments, even in such a successful branch. Together IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions, develop a heat exchanger that integrates well into your superordinate energy concept.

In order for you to meet your customers’ expectations of produced foodstuffs, the technological requirements with which they are processed are very high. Temperature-accurate cooling and heating, the hygienic processing as well as many other procedures dependent on thermal treatment are significant for the competitiveness of your company in international markets.

With IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions you will profit from individual and technologically well-engineered heat exchangers. We know: every second of a non-producing plant causes our customers high costs. Because of that, we attach great importance to quality and diligence in the construction, manufacture and installation of our heat exchangers. Every single production step is documented in detail and is available to our customers on request.

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