• by Andreas Struck

Ladies and gentlemen,

there is cause for joy for the staff of DELLER: the subsistence of the long-standing business founded in 1926 is assured. As an independent subsidiary of IGEFA WEINBRENNER Energy Solutions, which is part of the ZILONIS GmbH corporate group, DELLER Safety Heat Exchangers has been profiting from important synergies in tank, apparatus and plant construction since July 1, 2020. The production in Siegen, the know-how, and the traditional brand DELLER as well as the jobs of all employees are preserved.

Only a few years ago, in the course of a transferring reorganization, IGEFA WEINBRENNER was itself led onto a successful path by the same shareholders Daniel Utsch, Musa Smakaj and Samir El-Assal and the same management team.

DELLER’s construction and production is rich in experience and know-how in the field of safety heat exchangers. DELLER stands for individual designs, competent consulting, and a qualified and well-documented manufacturing process according to many national as well as international certifications. Through the grouping with ZILONIS, partners will profit from an apparatus-independent perspective on your processes.

Today, we look to the future of this business and are happy to walk this path together with you.

Musa Smakaj und Daniel Utsch

ZILONIS Corporate group

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