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The use of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for heat transfer in various industries is one of the most well-established solutions. Thanks to the optimal ratio of the individual design of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger and the materials attuned to your process parameters, a wide range of applications can be covered. This way, we ensure an efficient and long-lasting solution.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers in principle

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers manufactured by IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions are generally operated without an external energy source (exception: electric heating systems/preheaters).

Separated by the thinnest possible wall, two media with different temperatures pass each other in co-current, cross-current or counter-current; one through the shell space and one through the tube space. As a result, and as long as the temperature difference is significant enough, heat is exchanged without the two media coming into direct contact. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers can be individually designed, constructed and manufactured on the basis of specific process parameters (media, flow rate, operating pressure, material,...).

The schematic principle of two shell-and-tube heat exchangers shown below (left (top): straight tube / right (bottom): U-tube) illustrates how the media can flow through the shell or tube space. With the aid of baffles, the medium in the shell space is directed in such a way that the highest possible cross-flow in relation to the tubes is created.

Depending on the necessary heat transfer capacity of your plant, the dimensioning of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger is selected so that it fits optimally and efficiently into your operation. In addition, your process parameters define whether the flow through the tube space of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger is realized in a single-pass or multiple-pass manner.

Advantages of shell and tube heat exchangers

When introducing a heat exchanger into your system, the question of the basic type of construction always arises. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers have some advantages:

  • Tube bundles are exchangeable -> cleaning and maintenance
  • Compensation of thermal stresses
  • Great differences in the inlet temperature of the media are possible
  • Low pressure drop
  • Compact design and high efficiency

Media that can be cooled or heated in shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Another significant advantage of shell-and-tube heat exchangers is that heat exchange can take place with a very large number of media of different aggregate states.

  • 1. Water

    • Drinking water
    • Circuit or heating water
    • Softened water
    • Ultrapure water
    • Demineralized water
  • 2. Oil

    • Heavy oil
    • Hydraulic oil
    • Lubricating oil
    • Insulating oil
    • Heat transfer oil
    • Heating oil, diesel
    • Washing benzine
  • 3. Gases

    • Air
    • Natural gas
    • Flue gas
    • Nitrogen
    • Steam

Wide range of materials

Depending on the application, the material processed in the shell and tube bundle determines the efficiency and corrosion resistance or longevity of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Due to many years of experience, a large number of internal and external training courses for our personnel and thanks to a continuous optimization process, IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions is able to process a wide range of materials. These include, but are not limited to: Stainless steels, C-steels, heat-resistant steels, fine-grained structural steels, duplex steels, CuNiFe, nickel-based, copper and special materials such as titanium.

Calculation / design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers

One of the unique selling points of IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions is its own engineering, which is integrated into the company. This makes it possible to calculate and design your shell-and-tube heat exchanger according to your specific process parameters. As a result, you receive, among other things, a complete as well as competent consultation around the application to be realized and a custom product, which is characterized by an uncomplicated installation into your plant (if desired, by our installation teams) and a high efficiency during operation.

Quality as a progressive optimization process

For IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions, quality is a decisive benchmark that reflects the extent to which the products we manufacture and the services we perform meet the requirements of our customers. Whether these requirements relate to functionality, performance or price is irrelevant. The four foundations of our quality strategy are product, personnel, solution and process quality. Our primary goal is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction with cost-optimized processes.

This requires a profound understanding of the customer and demands determined action from all employees. At IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions, quality management is a continuous, entrepreneurial management task. For planning, implementation, coordination and systematic monitoring of the quality strategy, a documented management system has been established at IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions, which is continuously developed and improved. The management system fulfills the requirements for a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • DGRL 2014/68/EU Modul A/A2
  • DGRL 2014/68/EU Modul H/H1
  • DIN EN ISO 3834 Merkblatt AD2000 HP0
  • ASME U-Stamp
  • TR 032

The integration of IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions into the ZILONIS group of companies offers the possibility to manufacture according to further certifications, e.g. DNV-GL, JIS or Lloyds 2.2.

Individual solutions - made in Germany

Continuous change and the will to progress have made us the leading specialist in the field of heat exchangers. As such, we merge 65 years of experience with a young innovative spirit.

IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions develop highly individualized, precise and custom-made products. With efficient as well as exact designs and a high real net output ratio we meet your requirements for your heat exchanger and guarantee the highest level of quality and customer-focused services.

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