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The usage of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for heat transfer in various different industries is one of the most well-established solutions. Thanks to the optimal ratio of individual design of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger and the materials attuned to the environmental variables, a vast area of application can be covered. This way, we ensure an efficient and long-lasting solution.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers in principle

Heat exchangers from IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions are usually heat exchangers without any external energy source in which two media, separated by a thin wall, run past one another in a parallel, cross, or counterflow. This way – provided there is a proper difference in temperature – the two media exchange heat without actually mixing.

The depicted principle of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger (left: straight tube / right: U-tube) shows how the media can flow through the shell and the tube space. With help of baffles, the medium in the shell is directed in a way that generates the highest possible crossflow. Depending on the necessary heat transfer performance of your plant, the appropriate dimensions for the shell-and-tube heat exchanger are designed. Moreover, your environmental variables also determine if the flow through the tubes of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger will be designed in a single-path or multi-path fashion.

Efficiency and dimensions

One of our main goals in the manufacture of your individual shell-and-tube heat exchanger is the efficiency with which it can be operated in your plant. It should be taken into account that an effective heat exchange only takes place when there is a sufficient difference in temperature. The higher the difference, the smaller the necessary heat transfer surface and, subsequently, the more compact your shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

The heat transfer performance of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger is mainly determined by the logarithmic mean temperature difference, the heat transfer surface and the given heat transfer coefficient. The heat transfer coefficient stems largely from the flow characteristics and the substance properties of the media.

Quality assurance

In the design, construction, manufacture, and installation of your shell-and-tube heat exchanger, we focus particularly on the quality of the product inserted into your plant. High quality standards and the implementation of national as well as international regulations guarantee the quality of our manufactured shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Individual solutions - made in Germany

Continuous change and the will to progress have made us the leading specialist in the field of heat exchangers. As such, we merge 65 years of experience with a young innovative spirit.

IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions develop highly individualized, precise and custom-made products. With efficient as well as exact designs and a high real net output ratio we meet your requirements for your heat exchanger and guarantee the highest level of quality and customer-focused services.

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