Maintenance, repairs or replacement

A non-functioning plant costs time and money. Fill out the following form and data sheet to contact us quickly and unbureaucratically. We will see to making your plant operable again as fast as possible. For additional orientation, see the nameplate on the IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions apparatus.

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Individual solutions - made in Germany

Continuous change and the will to progress have made us the leading specialist in the field of heat exchangers. As such, we merge 65 years of experience with a young innovative spirit.

IGEFA WEINBRENNER energy solutions develop highly individualized, precise and custom-made products. With efficient as well as exact designs and a high real net output ratio we meet your requirements for your heat exchanger and guarantee the highest level of quality and customer-focused services.

Our services for your company

The profitability and efficiency of your plant is the main focus. For this reason, we offer our customers resource-saving services that help plants to function more reliably and for longer.

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